5 Books That Will Make You a Winner at Every Cocktail Party
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What’s the number one thing that makes for a great party atmosphere? Dazzling conversation, duh! That’s why we’re giving you an easy cheat sheet that helps you converse with any party guest that walks through your door. These 5 books are sure to appeal to the following people in your enormous group of friends:

To Impress Your Husband’s Boss:

Start with Why by Simon SinekStart with Why by Simon Sinek is your secret weapon at any business happy hour. “Start With Why” dives into what makes a leader inspiring and how we can all try to think a little bigger about how and why we work. You’re sure to impress but make sure you like your husband’s coworkers—they might want to hire you after this.

For Your Busybody Neighbor:

The Real Lolita by Sarah WeinmanThe Real Lolita by Sarah Weinman is a true crime novel that’s sure to have everyone in your neighborhood looking for scandal. This harrowing tale is exactly the kind of hushed-tone-only conversation that so many cocktail mixers are missing.

For The Woman You Want To Be Your BFF:

The Signature of All Things by Elizabeth GilbertThe Signature of All Things by Elizabeth Gilbert is a romance that’s packed with substance and takes place during the nineteenth century. Trust us, this book is the kind of masterpiece that’s best shared with friends over a glass of wine poolside.

For The Mom Who’s Rediscovering Religion:

Help Thanks Wow by Anne LamottHelp Thanks Wow by Anne Lamott is a beginner’s guide to getting spiritual on the rough days. It’s a great place to start when you’re looking for guidance on a serious matter or looking to keep cool after your kids spill hot pink nail polish on a brand new rug. No matter the struggle, you can name-drop this book until the cows come home because your friend who’s looking into religion will love it.

For the Mom Who Seems To Have It All Together:

Rising Strong by Brené BrownRising Strong by Brené Brown is the inspiring self-help book that you’ll want to read before your next big life decision. And since no one really has it all, why not bond over this book with a neighbor you admire? This way when you exchange stories of parenting mishaps, you’ll both know that you’re better for them.

Get ready to be the most interesting person at the party with these fun reads in your back pocket.

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