5 Special Holiday Party Hostess Hacks

Holiday parties are a very specific beast. And this year you are going to SLAY. These super simple reminders will help you conquer each and every holiday party pitfall. Trust us, they’re basic because they’re the best.

1. Make more… and less.

Instead of slaving away over six different simmering pots, make only 2 or 3 kinds of snacks. And make BIG batches, so your guests can enjoy a few fan favorites again and again.

2. Make. A. Playlist.

Girl, make a playlist and then hide whatever the source of the playlist is! You want to create the perfect ambiance (and also not have that ambiance hijacked by an overzealous guest).

3. Greet people with a drink

Who doesn’t love getting a cocktail right at the door? It starts the party on a welcoming note and shows off how dang considerate you are.

4. Turn off the overhead lights

It’s easy to flip on those fluorescents and ride out the rest of the party like it’s just any other day. BUT it’s hip and romantic-looking to dim those puppies and use christmas lights and lamps instead.

5. Keep the heat low

It’s easy to lose sight of how hot it’s going to get when your house fills up with excited guests. Also, mama gets sweaty with too much wine.

And there you have it! You’re prepared to throw the best party instead of a stressed party. We can’t wait to bring a cheese plate and laugh at your new jokes.

Feeling like you want to throw even MORE parties in an even SMARTER way?

Check out our party hacks.

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