How to Make a Fun & Easy Winter Wreath
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This festive holiday wreath is just bubbling with crafty goodness! It looks pretty involved, but honestly, it’s probably only one Netflix-evening’s worth of work. Gather up some styrofoam balls and fabric scraps, maybe a margarita, and get festive!

How to Make a Fun & Easy Winter Wreath

What you'll need:

  • 12 3-inch balls
  • 6 2.5-inch balls
  • 12 2-inch balls
  • 24 1.5-inch balls (or, approximately 100 styrofoam balls of assorted sizes from your favorite crafts store.)
  • 16 inch wire wreath form
  • 1 package of tiny hair rubber bands
  • Needle and thread
  • 2 yards pretty ribbon

Fabric: This is a good project to use up a bunch of scraps you may have around, but if you want to buy new, it’s a great project for precuts like a layer cake fabric. You’d probably need 2 layer cakes.

  • 12 10-inch squares
  • 6 9-inch squares
  • 12 8-inch squares
  • 24 6-inch squares


  1. Make the fabric-wrapped balls: Take a ball and wrap the coordinating (by size) fabric square around it by gathering at the top. Make a ponytail of sorts around the fabric, and wrap a rubber band around it until it’s secure. Repeat with all the balls and fabric.
  2. Attach the balls to the wreath form. Starting with the largest balls, pull the tail through the wire. Take a needle and thread (or, honestly, the crafty use of a standard stapler would probably work here) and make a few stitches in the fabric and around the wire. Get it pretty snug, but don’t worry if it’s not super secure. You’ll be filling everything in and it will all be fine in the end.
    Continue sewing the balls to the wire working your way around from largest to medium to smaller balls. Save the smallest for the very end. When the form is pretty well filled out, look for any spaces in the design where you can see the wreath form, and add in the smallest balls there. Don’t stress too much. Most people will see it from a long ways away and just be amazed.
  3. Tie the bow. You can use any bow technique that you like! The easiest way is to cut a piece 16-inch ribbon. Make a loop, and make a couple of stitches with a needle and thread to secure the ends together.
  4. Make a smaller loop from a 3-inch piece of ribbon, and wrap that around the middle. Stitch that piece closed in the back.
  5. Cut one more piece of 14-inch ribbon, fold in the middle, and stitch to the back of the center loop.
  6. Sew this whole piece onto the wreath.

All done! And it only took 3 episodes of Grey’s Anatomy! Look at you, multi-tasking!

Excited to decorate your home for the holidays?

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