Breaking News: Local Mom Shocked to Find Hardwood Floors Under Her Son’s Laundry
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Local mother Marsha Dillon spoke through tears of joy to the press this morning about her stunning interior discovery.

“It feels so good to be reminded that there are forces of good out there… like finished walnut flooring,” Marsha stated in her address.

Although most of her home is furnished with hardwood flooring, Marsha had assumed that her son Nick’s room was carpeted as she hadn’t seen his floor for five years.

“The worst part was the not knowing,” Marsha added. When Marsha looked at the thick layer of her son’s laundry that covered his entire floor, all she saw was uncertainty and betrayal.

It was a crisp fall morning when Nick tripped and fell in his room. Marsha arrived on the scene and immediately noticed the gleam of her Walnut floors peering out from under the laundry layer that Nick had tripped over. Marsha knew, in that moment, that her life would never be the same.

Marsha’s son, Nick, declined to comment for this story.

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