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Welcome to your June Clever media kit. If you’re thinking, “what in tarnation is a media kit?” we’ll explain.

A media kit is a big collection of some of our wittiest graphics and captions. You can use these sets of graphics and your favorite corresponding caption on your own social media to spread the word about June Clever. Let’s make it easy peasy lemon squeezy to share some fun hype about your fave kitchen brand.


Choose your image

Check out these images, and find your favorite. Which one feels the most “you?” How will it fit into your social media feed or blog?


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Download the image you’d like to share by right-clicking it and then clicking “Save Image As…” Once that’s safe and sound on your desktop, you can head over to the social media platform you want to share it on.


Paste in a caption & post!

Upload your image, and check out the caption options. If you’re a fan of one of our caption examples, paste it into your post. Ta-da! You’ve got a perfectly fun social media post that your friends will love.

You can choose from: Facebook graphics, Instagram posts, Instagram stories and badges for your blog.

Let’s get started!

Facebook graphics

Caption 1: Nobody’s perfect, ok? I mean, I’m pretty close but even I make mistakes. ;) Now I can have kitchen goods that tell the truth and show off my fun side. Get real about your kitchen catastrophes with #juneclever.

Caption 2: Feel like you’re playing catch-up to be the most dazzling hostess? Not anymore. You can get a lil' sassy when you’re actin’ classy with these funny #juneclever kitchen goods. Check them out to see what having a good heart and a smart mouth is all about.


Instagram posts

Caption 1: Hey, you’re great. And even if you get store-bought cookies and you tell your mother-in-law that they’re homemade and they’re so clearly not, you’re still great. This is why @juneclevergoods serves up witty and relatable kitchen goods: so you’ve always got someone on your side. #juneclever

Caption 2: Get some kitchen accessories that let you fail, laugh, and just move on. #juneclever is about being honest, about hacking your way to the top, and making it happen. Check out the realness of @juneclevergoods

Instagram stories

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