A few years ago, June Clever co-owner Missy had just finished washing the dishes and put her damp kitchen towel over the oven handle to dry. As soon as she was ready to relax after those house chores, her now two-year-old came in the kitchen and pulled that damp towel to the floor, again!

Not only was she tired of buying towels with just one purpose, Missy also had to wash her kitchen towels more frequently when they hit the floor. Rather than accept a life of dirty towels, Missy had an idea.

Taking inspiration from hand towels with buttons and snaps to stay put, Missy created the Hang Tight Towel®. With a strategically placed sewn-on loop, this towel stays where you want it to stay. Say sayonara to those times when you’re in desperate need of a kitchen towel, only to find it on the floor. The Hang Tight Towel is a game changer for your kitchen—and your sanity.